Best Dental Hygiene Practices | Oral Hygiene | Health -2021

dental hygiene, oral hygiene

Dental Hygiene includes the practices of keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy. It also protects from bacterial and other microbial infections. Dental Hygiene is the important part of all hygienic practices that should be included in our daily routine.

What is Artificial Intelligence? shocking benefits and risks of AI | 2021

Artificial intelligence development

Artificial intelligence is a significant field of computer science. Since the development of digital computers, it has always had attention and popularity among computer scientists. It is the ability of digital programmed machines to function as an intelligent being. The field concentrates on developing robots that process human-like qualities and characteristics, such as the ability … Read more

Best Air Rifle Scope In 2021

Air rifle scopes were used in hunting, shooting, and recreation activities traditionally and this legacy continues today but with more advancement in technology, target, and features. Air rifles are air guns used to target shorter distances, however, can also aim at the extended mark with the new features been added day by in. In this … Read more

Health benefits of Applesauce/ Nutrition/Benefits/Guide

health benfits of Apple sauce

Apples and Heath Today’s article is about the health benefits of applesauce. 52 calorie fruit. Apples are easily available in markets in every season. Apple contains flavonoids and soluble fat help in the treatment of gut problems especially constipation. Flavonoids like quercetin, plant pigment act as a strong antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory effects. Flavonoids help in … Read more

Health claims of watermelon vs tomato lycopene- Top food benefit sources

watermelon vs tomato lycopene

Carotenoids is a large plant pigment, lycopene is one of its. A plant pigment gives red to pink colours to tomatoes, grapefruits and other fruits. lycopene is present in breast milk, human blood plasma in the form of cis-isomer. 700 carotenoids are studying. They have pro-vitamin A and antioxidant properties. Two types of carotenoids; hydrocarbon … Read more

Will brown fog compound the effect of Covid-19 in Pakistan?

Will brown fog compound the effect of Covid-19 in Pakistan?

Pakistan detailed its first Covid contamination on February 26, 2020. As indicated, the information accessible was expected that the death rate would be higher in territories that have metropolitan focuses on significant air contamination levels. Nonetheless, as the circumstance developed, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) revealed the most noteworthy death rate, which was regularly credited to a … Read more

Shopaholic World

Shopaholic World

Shopping is a habit that almost every individual likes, but when we talk about shopping as a problem means when shopping becomes an addiction. Many vulnerable people on the spectrum can easily become addicted to shopping due to some low self-esteem or did to any bad mood. When you hear the word shopaholic, you usually … Read more

Dissecting Myths About Covid 19

Dissecting Myths About Covid 19

The novel coronavirus is the main headline of every news channel, magazines, and researches for the past 10 months. This virus, also known as SARS-CoV-2, is the respiratory tract viral infection infecting minors to the elderly population; it spread from Wuhan, China, and infects almost every continent of the world, Antarctica. WHO has declared a … Read more

What is WOODY BREAST SYNDROME? How does it work?

What is WOODY BREAST SYNDROME? How does it work?

WOODEN Chicken means the meat is chewy and hard to eat. It’s a metabolic genetic abnormality that is transferred from one to a different. Wooden breast syndrome mostly affects the broiler chicken, rendering their pectoral muscles. If muscles are strong then the chicken is robust and the other way around. Many reactions happen in our body and other living organisms … Read more

The world of online shopping

online shopping

Tell me when the last time you clicked on ads for online shopping? Especially during a pandemic. Groceries, books, clothes, household, and other supplies are supposed to be at our door, and it happened easily. These days, scoots have made it easier to even get a half dozen eggs to our doorstep within an hour. … Read more