Integration of the police with the community and technology -2021


Introduction: Integration of the police with the community and technology Law enforcement agencies are the backbone of any country, it consists of the department of police. They are the civil officers of the government responsible for maintaining law and order in the society and help the judiciary to punish the culprit and provide justice to … Read more

Food wastage at peak -2021

Food wastage

“A Nation Could Eat Off The Food We Waste”: Buy Wisely, Cook Carefully, Eat It all don’t be responsible for food wastagePakistan is a developing country with a population of 212.2 million citizens and it is ranked 6th populated country in the world. Pakistan is an agricultural country and its major exports include Agro-based products, … Read more

Best Air Rifle Scope In 2021

Air rifle scopes were used in hunting, shooting, and recreation activities traditionally and this legacy continues today but with more advancement in technology, target, and features. Air rifles are air guns used to target shorter distances, however, can also aim at the extended mark with the new features been added day by in. In this … Read more



  Introduction: “Health is wealth” we all have heard this quote thousands of times in our lives and most of the people in the world want to become rich, richer, and richest, but very few want to become healthy. Strange, but true. A recent survey was conducted on the USA population, and the majority agree … Read more

Pets Reduce Stress

Pets Reduce Stress

Introduction:  Mental health is a serious concern nowadays as more and more diseases and problems arise out of it. A study in Sydney shows that every one out of three healthy individuals suffers from stress, anxiety, and depression. The surprising thing is that a healthy person can also have mental disorders; we can not see … Read more