Can you see what I can see? |story time -2021

Hi Guys! Today I will share a unique experience with you like a story time article; the experience is of understanding how far you can see to get hold of your life. The question is how to nurture this quality in the form of a vision in you. It is not an easy task, but it develops in years while you are randomly planning to make few things in your life, and if side by side, if you have found your purpose in your life, it means you are creating your vision. By following that path, you develop your mission and then pin down your goals and strategies to reach that mission, which will ultimately lead to your vision.

Dear readers, never underestimate the power of your observations and imagination as these two God gifted abilities, if used correctly, will lead you to have a broader vision, which could not only help you to strive towards your goal but also keep you motivated to make your targets. All good companies have their mission and vision statements, which are aligned fully with the vision of the owner of the company.

Now comes the question of why you must have a vision; you must have heard this line so many times that ‘A life without purpose is a wasted life. ‘So as an individual, if you want your life to stand out from others, you need to work on developing your vision. Exposure to incidents, exposure to surroundings, and exposure to accept challenges may lead to a better idea. One has to come out of the comfort zone. A disciplined life leads to a successful life. Now what is discipline is to streamline your priorities and act sensibly so that you can put your life on an organized platform.

Perspective also plays a very pivotal role in making your vision. When you see and interpret things with a broader perspective, you can judge constructively and positively, and then based on your judgment, you can make moves in life. All world-famous leaders have a vision, and along with this, they all have one thing in common: they have learned not to give up in life.

People with vision do not have the trait of giving up. They have courage—patience, discipline, and kindness. Image without compassion is not a vision but a selfish target, so stay away from those targets, making you think about yourself only. A visionary person wishes to serve the community as well now. What kind of ways or path he uses to offer the services varies from person to person according to their surroundings’ needs.

Blessed are those who have a vision in life; blessed are those who strive for their goals and the goals that are not confined only for the betterment of one person, but those goals are laid down to benefit many people.
As a youngster, we need to explain constantly or need to check on our thoughts to compile positive reviews, leading to positive perception and personal Vision. Do not stop, don’t give up, keep looking for your purpose, keep looking for your calling, and one day you will indeed find your desired result.

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  1. This is a really important topic to discuss. I usually work on my self-building and keeping inside to have an understanding of my being. In real life, we keep our vision of others doing rather than our own doing. this is really related to improving life skills and other groomings.
    Thank you


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