Best books to read for self improvement-A quick overview

Let’s get a quick overview of the best books to read for self-improvement. Ever thought, what to do when you are down? I am sure every one of us wants self-improvement and wondering how to achieve it! Hence, in this article, are some best books to read for self-improvement as reading a book is the best way ever for self-improvement and motivation.

  Let’s analyze the best books you should read for self improvement.

1. The Power of now: 

This great book is written by Eckhart Tolle in 1997. This book focuses on day-to-day living experience and how one should live the present moments and forget the past bad experiences and anxieties. Divided into many chapters, explaining all the details between past and present experiences, this is the best book for motivation and self-improvement. Because the present is the time to live in. That’s why it’s called “Present (gift)”.

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:

This book is published in 1989, a self-help book written for the purpose to improve people’s effectiveness in personal and social life. It brings the idea of ” Paradigm Shift”, the difference between how we perceive the world and ourselves. Hence, the book clearly explains the ideas on personal effectiveness and self-improvement.

3. How to win friends and influence people:

This book is written by Dale Carnegie in 1936. The author of the book tells the story by depicting himself as a boy who introduced the genre of self-improvement. The main theme is related to youth rushing behind their dream jobs. It says that you can get the job, you want and you can make every situation work for you. Furthermore, this book is really great masterpiece for those who want to influence others and improve their social communication skill.

4.How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:

This book is also written by Dale Carnegie and his book name also became a quotation that people mostly use. This book’s main theme convinces the reader to focus on the most important aspects of life and letting go of things that do not matter. Worries are a part of life so one should focus on overcoming hardships and worries.

5. The Power of Positive Thinking: 

This book is written by Norman Vincent Peale in 1952. The book gives guidance on routine problems and how to cope with them. Generally, in our everyday life, we come across different problems that paces our morale down. So, reading this book will definitely improve and motivate you.

 6: Rich Dad Poor Dad:

It is written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in 1997. The book is about growing your financial IQ, ability to invest your wealth in real estate, businesses and high returns work to make a person financially independent and stable. This book is best for those who are about to start their career and need self-improvement and direction for their career. Reading a book is always the best option to find the exact match for your personality.  So, I would definitely recommend this book to read.

7: The Power of Habit: 

The recent book by Charles Duhigg published in 2012, greatly emphasizes the creation of habit and its reformation. The writer explains the science behind habit creation and how we can change and modify a particular habit in a positive way. Habits define us and our future but these are not easy to develop or change. So, for self-improvement and motivation to make a positive lifestyle and habits, this book is highly recommended.

  These all books, mentioned above, are international bestsellers of all times and many people explained their success stories by reading these books. As technology is progressing day by day, so the importance and availability of these books are also increased magnificently. So these are some best books to read for self-improvement.

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