Best Air Rifle Scope In 2021

Air rifle scopes were used in hunting, shooting, and recreation activities traditionally and this legacy continues today but with more advancement in technology, target, and features. Air rifles are air guns used to target shorter distances, however, can also aim at the extended mark with the new features been added day by in. In this account, we will be discussing the scope of an air rifle, what features a rifle lover would keep in view while buying the scope of air guns.

Overview of Scope.

The scope is the additional feature of air guns used to magnify and brightens the image of a target, hunters and recreationists scratch their head while selecting scope as there are various scopes available in the market which can confuse a customer, selecting a scope can be an intimidating task, what to buy and what not to because their design and marketing strategies are exceptional. Here we will be addressing some features and specifications of the scope to guide you more in dept.

Types of Air rifles Scope.

Fixed Scope: Just as the name suggests, the fixed scope provides fixed magnification of the target the image and can be useful for newbies as because it helped you to put your target in the constant direction and assists to shoot precisely, however with a disadvantage over variable scope, to change magnification advances the scope for formers.

Variable Scope: It comes with an option to alter the magnification within a range according to the shooter, so it is useful to alter magnification as per need, size, and distance of the target but new players should avoid it to deal with these extra features because it changes focus and one might miss the these.

How to choose?

It’s important to learn how to read the magnification and objectives of a lens which guides us to determine the best target for the best shot. 3-9X44mm, usually this could be found on the scope, do not get perplexed 3-9X represents the magnification, the mark we’re targeting, this will increase its size about 3-9 times according to the adjustment one preferred, 44mm represents the objective of the lens, the larger the objective more light could enter the lens and brightens the image. But remember more is not good every time, in a few cases more bright image causes a wider and blurred image resulting in the wrong shot. The latest guns come with a magnification up to 16-20X and 30-50mm of objective lens so choose accordingly.

Air rifle Reticles.

The selection of reticle of the scope is very crucial while buying a rifle scope, in simple words reticles are different small patterns drawn inside, assist for targeting, measuring, and pointing the aim. It assists the shooter to focus the target and center the aim on the scope. There are two main types of articles used in air rifles; duplex hair cross scope and mil-dot scope. For the selection of the reticle is it important to keep your target and place in mind because both are excellent articles and functions differently.

Duplex crosshair scope: It consists of two fine straight lines, one is drawn vertically and the other is crossed over it horizontally. These lines are thicker on the periphery and thinner as it comes closer in the center. The function of the duplex crosshair scope is to focus the target in the center when the background of the aim is very fuzzy and busy. The thin lines in the center aid to keep a fixed eye on the target only neglecting the effects of background this assists in hunting in the forest and the busy areas where a chance of missing the target is common and helped in aiming longer targets.

Mil-dot reticle: Mil-dot is in addition to a duplex crosshair scope, it contains fine vertical and horizontal lines on the edges with additional dots in the center of the lens. These dots are helpful in aiming longer shots but this type is preferable for experts, not beginners as it needs proper calculation and focused to eliminate the effect of the “ballistic drop-off”. When we aim larger shot, the ballistic effect of the bullet in the presence of gravity can change the direction of the target causing a missed shot, so to eliminate this consequence the dots and drawn to estimate this effect and focused the eye on the dots after proper judgment, that’s why this feature is anticipated by professionals, not newcomers or occasional players. It needs repeated practice and trial and error but once becomes habituated it’s very convenient and will never miss your aim.

Additional features:

Parallax adjustment: An important feature in distance shooting is the ability of scope to adjust parallax, it is a focal point error in the optical lens which offsets the target and can be a cause to miss the aim. When targeting without the parallax adjusted scope the reticle will bend and move slightly when the shooter bob his head and the bullet will go the wrong way. The scope with parallax is adjusted within 100 yards of the scope and beyond 100 yards the reticle will move or slightly displaced from its position. To solve this problem to features are added with parallax; bell adjustment on the objective and side-wheel adjustment on the lens. The bell will terminate the effect or parallax but simply adjusting the bell when the image is beyond or below the yard range of parallax while the side-wheel feature is more advance than then bell as it can be altered while moving to the target and it is easier to operate than the bell adjustment.


Other features of the scope also include waterproofing, fog resistance, weatherproof, and the concept of quality over quantity, concluding all the arguments above, selecting a perfect scope is not an easy task because the markets are full of different brands, designs, and marketing ploys to attract customers but the above-mentioned points are very crucial so be vigilant while choosing your type of scope.

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