Benefits of good night sleep

The benefits of good night sleep can be a lot here are some that I have collected

A good night’s sleep is as important as other daily routine tasks. There are so many health benefits of a good night’s sleep. Taking a good night’s sleep has a direct beneficial effect on health and lifestyle. Scientists have performed quite a number of experiments on the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep and its relative healthy effects on physical and mental health. 

1. Good night sleep reduces stress:

  While sleeping, human body get relaxed, which reduces burdensome thoughts and pressure in mind up to a great extent. During sleep, pineal gland secretes melatonin, which triggers the mind in a sleeping situation and helps it to forget all stressful thoughts. This is one of the many benefits of good night’s sleep.  

2. Sleep helps in weight loss:

Good night’s sleep of seven to nine hours on daily basis causes significant impact on body weight. Leptin is an hormone, that reduces hunger and signals the brain about full stomach. Due to lack of sleep ghrelin production starts, that works opposite to leptin, and increases appetite, which in turn leads to high food consumption and weight gain.

3. Good sleep improves immune system:

Immune system is human body’s natural fighting mechanism against microbial infections and inflammation. During sleep, Cytokines, hormone that reduces inflammation and strengthen immune system, are released. A good night’s sleep stimulates the production of cytokines that improves immune system.

4. Importance of sleep for emotional well being:

Good night’s sleep improves emotional level of a person. people lose their control, become short tempered, lose focus and concentration, ultimately leading to emotional disturbance. To keep balanced thoughts and remain emotionally stable, a good night’s sleep is very beneficial. So, a sound sleep maintains wellness of an emotional human being.

5. Good night’s sleep lowers Blood Pressure:

A good night sleep relaxes the body and mind, helping arteries and veins to supply and collect blood smoothly. Lack of sleep tends the brain towards “fight or flight” response, ultimately increasing blood pressure and weakening blood capillaries. So, a good night’s sleep helps regulating blood pressure in a normal range.

6. Sleep reduce chances of type 2 diabetes:

 During sound sleep, body can actively regulate glucose level in blood, reducing the risk of diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, body cells cannot synthesize or process insulin (blood glucose level regulating hormone). This condition leads to diabetes. So, a good night sleep not only control diabetes but also help to maintain blood glucose level at a normal position.

7. Good night’s sleep improves mental health:

 During sleep, body and mind recharge themselves for the next day activities and perform better after a good enough sleep. Mental health is related to sound and brain .A good night sleep helps you forget burdensome thoughts rushing through your mind.

8. Good sleep make procedural memories:

Good night’s sleep helps in making procedural memory, that involves processes and procedures. For example learning a skill, art, and knowledge in a sequential manner. So, a quality sleep of 7-9 hours improves memory development.

9. Sleep helps in boosting mood:

Mood is linked to internal hormonal system. Sleeping pattern greatly influence our mood. A good sleep at night helps the endocrine system in the release of serotonin, a natural mood booster. Moreover, good sleep prepares body and mind for the next day activities. All of this is only possible by getting a quality sleep.

10. Good night’s sleep Increases productivity:

 Productivity is, how efficiently an individual performs its all duties and responsibilities. After a good night sleep, you becomes energized that help you perform your task well. Benefits of good night’s sleep include generation of innovative ideas and increase productivity.

11. Sleep stimulates growth and blood circulation:

Sleep triggers the production of growth hormones during night’s sleep. During sleep, blood flow through the arteries at a regular level and help the heart to function properly. It is observed that during sleep human body’s height increase up to few inches.

12. Sleep prevents many disorders:

 Insomnia is a complete lack of  sleep disorder. It is usually caused by not sleeping enough for many days consecutively. To prevent insomnia, a good night’s sleep is quite important. Risk of sleep apnea (short of breath during sleeping) also increases because of irregular sleep or lack of sleep.


It is better to maintain a routine of sleeping time of 7-9 hours during night. Health is wealth, and there is a great reason behind this proverb. You will definitely observe these benefits of good night’s sleep, if you follow a healthy sleeping pattern.

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