Keep yourself motivated

Every day we wake up with a feeling of emptiness and hollowness; every day, we try to distract ourselves from daily responsibilities, either related to studies or daily chores. The question is how to fill this emptiness or convert this feeling into the excitement of joy and hope.

Guys, I tell you honestly that it is not easy to motivate yourself against all odds, like moving the mountains. We live in a bubble of technology where we expect a response and especially a positive response that is not possible every time with every single click. We do not give the world and us the benefit of the doubt we believe in appreciate, but we do not wait for it or say we even do not work for it wholeheartedly.

Once you start observing things without judgment, you start getting a lot of pleasant feelings and motivation. So if you really want to “Hit the floor, “you have to collect yourself and stand up for your own self for gathering any motivation.

We usually have seen people advising other people that they have to buck up themselves. Guys, when others are giving us these words, we literally hate them at that time. Hence, the solution is if you want to have a “Bang Bang “ attitude in your life, you have to become your own boss and have it guide yourself.

Having a “Bang Bang “ attitude is not an easy thing. You have to remind yourself that yes, daily! I can do it; daily, you have to count your small blessing, which you have taken for granted; daily, you have to spread happiness or perform small acts of happiness. On top of all that, first, you have to love yourself, which is extremely important.

Love yourself and take care of your thoughts to be a happy and calm person who can take care of things around you. Every day before going to bed, recall your blessings, and satisfy yourself with some happy thoughts. Believe me, by doing all these little acts daily gradually and slowly, you will find yourself in a state where you will feel proud of you and feel to help others and streamline your own goals in life.

If you find yourself stuck, review your daily style of living. Maybe you are feeling trapped in an unseen bubble of fear, procrastination, or feeling disrespectful due to any past incident which is holding you to move forward to holding you to try something new as you feel that you are not capable of that.

Observe your activities and talk to yourself to make good changes. Although it is not an easy task, repeatedly doing such acts will definitely lead to something good. So make a little promise to your own self to have a “Hit the floor “ attitude with a more positive and focused approach, so guys … “Bang Bang “ and move ahead towards your goals,

Huma Arshad

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