Air-based food; Air-based protein

  As the world moves forward, we face daily problems regarding food, accommodation, and obviously clean water. Where we are facing problems also there, we are making new technologies for industries. According to researches, in 2050, the population will be increased to 70% more, so in that case, we can face hunger problems and malnutrition.   As technology is getting better day by day only to fulfil our desires. IF we want food with full nutrition, then we need technology to take us there. So NASA introduced a very unique and interesting technology. We make ”MEAT” from air nutrients, and it’s called AIR PROTEIN.   AIR PROTEIN uses pressure, temperature, and culinary techniques to make a protein-rich food. It takes just a few days or hours to complete the process, and food is present on your table.  


  We need just five things  to make a very resilient and secure food supply in three steps:   CO2, oxygen, and nitrogen we breathe, then combine with water and mineral nutrients. Next, we use renewable energy and probiotic methods where seed changes into food. Without the dependency of agricultural land, we can transfer elements present in the air into nutritious food. In short: scientists found small celled microorganisms called hydrogenotrophic.  AIR PROTEIN flour is made of hydrogenotrophic. These microorganisms helped in making air food.


An arable land contains years to cultivate crops, but in AIR PROTEIN, no land is used; scientists only use fermentation vessels where hydrogenotrophic can consume CO2 and change into amino acids ( proteinous content ). It takes just an hour to make palatable food.    

  • Rich in vitamins and proteins include vitamin B12.
  • Double the amount of amino acids compared to the proteins made from soybeans.
  • No herbicides, no pesticides, or no other chemicals used.
  • Using all-natural processes. 

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