A new approach to reducing salt while maintaining the taste

As we learned a quote in childhood, “EXCESS OF EVERYTHING IS BAD. ” The more we eat, the more we face problems. Today we are enhancing our taste buds with different flavors, with different juicy products. Every day, we create new recipes, new flavors, and a replacement aroma. We are training our olfactory glands by making healthier choices through clear labeling and balanced portions.where we eat more sugar, there we also eat more salty products.

Salt is that the taste enhancer in food or enhancing the enzyme activity accountable for the developing organoleptic parameters.  Salt is that the main root of high pressure, but on the opposite side, it also affected health in many ways like stomach cancer, albuminuria, and excessive salt that may weaken our immune system. A replacement technologist developed a new technology which helps to cut back salt while maintaining taste and flavor. 

The University of Washington conducted an experiment where they used MATS ( microwave-assisted thermal sterilization ) processing to kill the pathogen but not affect flavor intensity and retort processing used for preservation by affecting flavor intensity. Used e-tongue for checking the flavor, salt consistency, and others like pepper and garlic. As a result, MATS-processing reduced the salt content by up to 50% while maintaining flavor intensity. Using this method, we will make products with low salt content but maintain our platable food with flavors.


Reducing salt and beginning the intake of potassium as a replacement of salt might improve pressure level regulation and vital for the correct functioning of nerves and muscles, including; cardiac muscle.  FDA advised each manufacturer to use k-chloride rather than salt.  But k-chloride cannot be utilized in unlimited quantities. It loses its ability to convey saltiness at higher levels and may have an off-taste, characterized as bitter, or chemical, and metallic counting on the food. Different k- chloride levels, together with blends of k- chloride and other seasonings, won’t be replaced common salt without sacrificing the food’s flavor.

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