A Guide To Intermittent Fasting

Do you want to lose weight? Are you looking for some diet plans that can help you to lose your excess weight? Do you want to wear your favorite dress which suits you a lot but you can’t due to the gain in fats? If your answer to these question is yes, then this blog is definitely for you and I can guarantee you that you will lose a few kgs of weight in the initial few weeks without any extra efforts, starvation, day-long exercises, and unsavory diet plan which took a lot of effort and your time and looks so boring to munch.

What is intermittent fasting: Usually, people gave up reading after seeing the word fasting, but seriously, it is not that much difficult and tedious as other ordinary and unhealthy dieting plans. Many nutritionists support intermittent fasting because as the name suggests you have to fast few hours which is called the fasting window and after a few hours we can consume food and this period is known as the eating or feeding window. Researchers and trainers suggest 3 types of intermittent fasting, first is 16 hours fast and 8 hours eating window, the second is 18 hours fast and 6 hours to eat, and lastly, 20 hours fast and 4 hours of eating window, wait wait, don’t stop reading, it’s is not that tough.

First, let me explain the criteria of fasting and eating window and their scientific and proven benefits. Why to opt intermittent fasting: The science on which IF work is to burn fat. When we fast for a certain period our body needs fuel to proceed with bodily tasks and for that our body burn fats which are deposited in our adipose tissues, during fasting, sugar is not readily available for energy, so the only way to get energy is to burn fats. However, the timing for fasting and eating window is also very crucial.

Our body functions on a day and night cycle also term as the circadian rhythm. Our body works actively as the sun rises and diminishes the function with sunset. A study by Stanford University proves the effect of calories rich breakfasts with mediocre lunch and very simple dinner before the sunsets. Advantages of Intermittent Fasting: Comparing with other forms of dieting its result are instant and prompt, during the eating window we have to eat healthy foods and this is the time when the body needs more energy, just avoid sugars, fried, and refined grains.

We intake fluids like water, black tea or coffee, green tea, and other healthy smoothies during the fasting window, which improves metabolism and promote weight loss. Conclusion: Intermittent fasting shows proven positive results and weight loss. It has many health benefits like cholesterol reduction, improves heart functions, lowers risk or type 2 diabetes, and progresses from Alzheimer’s disease in older people. So this is the best way to reduce weight without side effects and without starving. Stay healthy, stay safe. 

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