5 strong reasons to get Covid-19 vaccine, hoping to change your mind!

We were all living a fast paced, rushed and dramatic life, when covid-19 took the world by storm and then put an end to all pursuits of mankind. Never seen before healthcare emergencies, never imagined before economic affairs and never anticipated before long isolation.

History of covid-19

The first ever case of covid-19 surfaced in the city of Wuhan, China on 17th November 2019 that later took the shape of a worldwide pandemic killing almost 4.4 million people around the globe. Further, along the lines the tally for affected individuals with Novel corona virus has estimated to be around 210 million worldwide, according to WHO

Why Covid-19 vaccine development was important?

Novel covid-19 is a manmade virus, created in manmade laboratories. However, when the endemic posed a challenge to China’s healthcare facilities and resources, it all came down to one basic fact; scientists’ lack of knowledge about symptoms, treatment and prevention of the said virus.

With shutdown businesses, collapsing world economy, challenging academia and closed world trade centers. Scientists and doctors took it upon themselves to undertake an underestimated but significant journey, Vaccine development. Fast forward to almost a year later, scientist around the globe were successful in not only discovering different vaccines but also conducting clinical trials with remarkable results.

Now despite the horrifying circumstances covid-19 has exposed us to, there’s an ever-increasing concern about safety of vaccines and their efficiency in preventing the virus. Here are 5 points to convince you why you need to get vaccinated for Covid-19.

Benefits of Covid-19 Vaccine

1.    Covid-19 vaccine is only way out of the global pandemic.

The world has experienced pandemics before, the recent one being reported in 1920s for Spanish flu. The cases of Spanish flu are not being reported now owing to the vaccine shots every infant get after the birth. Mankind owes its existence to the vaccine considering that Spanish flu killed almost 100 million people back in the day.

2.    Covid-19 vaccine can help develop ‘herd Immunity’.

one must have heard that vaccines help develop herd immunity. The main phenomenon behind that fancy term is the fact that vaccination of greater number of individuals help limit the spread. When most of the individuals in a community get immune to the virus owing to vaccination, this reduces the risk of them being carriers for immunocompromised individuals.

3.    Getting vaccinated for Covid-19 has now become a social duty.

World economy has taken a major hit due to the pandemic. Big or small businesses, local or international travels, national or international economy all has seemed to be affected drastically. Therefore, getting vaccinated is getting one step closer to normal life. A fully functioning and productive world.

4.    Covid-19 vaccination is necessary for social interactions.

Humans are believed to be social animals. We derive most of our emotional needs from our fellows. Isolating mankind from their surrounding is one way to defy nature. Vaccination can help ensure that human beings don’t stay in quarantine for longer, as this can pose life threatening challenges to individual’s physical and mental health.

5.    Covid-19 vaccines are safe.

Most of world’s hesitation towards vaccination come from a fear of contracting potential side effects. There have been a lot of concerns regarding vaccines being completely safe or not. Immunization or vaccination has been around from 17th century and they have played a major role in decreasing total numbers of death resulting from healthcare emergencies. They have always worked in favor of mankind.

The faster we vaccinate our masses, the faster we move towards leading a healthy, safe and productive life. However, it should be taken into strict notice that even after getting vaccinated for covid-19, we must follow all precautionary measures for more efficient outcomes.

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