2 Best ways to fill soul gems in Skyrim

Introduction (2 Best ways to fill soul gems in Skyrim)

Soul gems are necessary components for the purpose of permeating magical properties in an item or weapon in the phenomenon called as Enchanting. Here, we’ll get to know two best ways to fill soul gems in Skyrim.

Quality of soul gem= Power to influence enchantment.

Things needed are as follows:

• Soul trap spell
• Soul cast weapon
• Soul gems

Places to find things needed,

Soul trap spell:
You can buy it off by someone in college of winter hold, court wizards and might also be able to find it in Dungeon
Soul cast weapon:
You may be having one but if you sold it could get another from a Merchant’s shop, or if you travel back and forth between Falkreath and Hafingar multiple times, and can get some weapons as a reward of quests.
• Soul gems:
Soul gems can be obtained by slaying wizards, can be purchased from magic shops and court wizards, by mining, can be found as randomized loot in a container and may also be rewarded for trapping a soul, the kind/strength of soul gem varies on which soul is captured.


Direct method(Basic one) : The direct method involves basically by using the soul cast weapon.
In this , after capturing the soul you only need to hit the weapon on the opponent soul and the soul will automatically result in filling in one of your gems.
Alternative method : The alternative method involves capturing soul by soul cast spell method.

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Filling soul gems in skyrim :

One of the 2 best ways to fill soul gems in Skyrim requires that you need to trap the enemy souls, for doing that you need to put a soul enchant capture on your weapon and that allows you to capture souls as soon as you hit enemies with your weapon.
Killing two bandits will let you get two souls if target dies within the duration of one second it results in filling a soul gem. Now for the purpose of filling gems firstly you need to utilize the soul trap spell.


Secondly at least one empty soul gem in inventory is mandatory for capturing the soul
After successful use of the soul trap spell second step is proceeding to spell on an enemy and make him defeat by an empty soul gem in your inventory.

Another way to fill soul gems include, as said before a soul can be captured by casting a spell or by using a weapon enchanted with soul trap and killed the enemy before the time of effect runs out. After, getting accurately done will result in instant trapping of soul in a soul gem of sufficient size. Upon the absence of sufficient sized soul gem the soul will get trapped in larger available soul gem however if there’s unavailability of any soul gem you will end up losing the soul without capturing it.

Check out demo video :


2 best ways to fill soul gems in skyrim
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Filling a black soul gem:

Here you need to have the spellbook and read it well. Once you have read the spellbook now it’s time to use it. After, completing reading it you need to find a human to kill. Targeting Bandits is recommended as there are a lot of them about and they don’t affect your bounty.

Then when you have a worthy sacrifice equip the soul trap spell on the enemy. Now you will have a duration of 60 seconds to kill the target otherwise black soul gem will not be filled. Once it’s successfully filled you can use it for whatever purpose you like but as they are hard to come by a duplication method is a good option.

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