15 Exemplary Concealed facts of USA president, Joe Biden.

15 Unknown facts about the 46th president of USA, Joe Biden.
15 Unknown facts about the 46th president of USA, Joe Biden.

Here are stated some concealed facts of USA president, Joe Biden .He is the current acting 46th president of the United States of America. He’s winning the elections of presidency 2020 by more than 80 million votes and already broke all previous records by making his getting the highest number of votes in the history of presidential elections of states. These are 15 concealed interesting facts of USA president.

The unknown facts:

1.He Grew up with a stutter :

  1. Joe was bullied in his school and college for his debilitating stammer. People bullied him almost throughout his life.

2. Tragedy with his family :

On December 1972, Joe Biden’s first wife and first daughter were killed in a tragic accident while his two sons were severely injured.

3. Results of depression in USA president :

After the lose of his family he was so devastated that he had to go through the thought of taking his own life and he ended up almost trying to attempt suicide fortunately he failed in doing it.

4.Tragedy stayed constant in Biden’s life :

Tragedy never stopped. In 2015 Biden lost his youngest son, Beau Biden. Beau passed away due to the brain cancer. This kept Biden broke.

5. Running 46th presidency of USA :

Among facts of USA President the prominent one is that , Usually at the age of 65 people retire from their jobs. Biden decided to run Presidency of USA even at the age of 77.

6. Remained undefeated in football :

Biden had played both the wide receiver and halfback on his high school’s football team. They remain undefeated in 1960.

7.Joe’s a dog freak:

Joe has enormous amount of love for dog. He keeps two German shepherds named Champ and Major.

8.Car enthusiasm :

Joe Biden is a huge car enthusiasts and gear head. He still keeps an old car a ’67 Corvette Stingray from his father.

9. Violence Against Women Act:

In the major unknown facts of USA President is that he not only wrote but also championed the “Violence Against Women Act”. The landmark legislation played important role and helped to change the culture encircling sexual assault and domestic violence.

10. Biden’s a great family person :

He took the train from Wilmington to Washington, D.C. everyday for the purpose of being at home with his kids.

11. Public speaking skills:

As he was growing up with a stutter, Biden used to recite Yeats and Emerson to improve on his public speaking.

Facts of USA President

12. Youngest elected in USA senate :

At the age of 29,Joe became amongst the youngest elected people to the United States Senate. He met the constitutional age requirements of 30 by the time he was sworn in.

13. Second Catholic President :

He made history again as he’s the second catholic president in U.S history. JFK was the first.

14. Fact about White house, Obama and Biden :

During their eight years in the White house, Obama and Biden stayed busy but made sure to spend quality time together at their weekly lunches.

15. Unknown fact: Biden’s an ice-cream lover:

We got to see a child site of Biden, as he’s an ice cream lover too. The favorite ice-cream flavor of Biden is Chocolate chip.

These were the some concealed facts of USA President, Joe Biden. He called himself “an ally of the light not the darkness” and added that he’ll draw on the best of us and not the worst. As he’s major agenda is to eliminate the racial discrimination that previous president was promoting somehow shows him that he might become a great president of USA history.

His support towards the Muslim society of USA seems to be an ease for immigrants also, But as there’s a proverb that All that glitters is not gold that proves to be correct in most political histories. Is it going to remain the same this time? Time is the true revealer of everyone’s colors. The people of USA are looking forward that where do the tables turn to.

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